Rediscover yourself at the Edge of Ember; feel of fine jewellery on your skin

Dress up the ever-changing chic femininity in you with the most revered fashion ideologies of the current vogue. For the minimalistic bohemian in you, the elegant fashionista in you or the glam-packed street chic or for resurfacing the 90's shine and vintage decadence, Edge of Ember will be chaperoning your daring spirit. With an impressive collection of go-to styles, formal and dashing party-ready jewellery you would just love to wrap yourself with, just in case you feel like letting your inner goddesses take control!

All the looks you love, whether it highlights your sheer femininity, or brings about your eccentric style or for a mere beyond-contemporary-chic, or to complement an effortless outfit, Edge of Ember will adorn you with its bangle, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings for all your moods!

This collective of designers who are based at the heart of England resort to the traditional expertise of the artisans residing in the unfounded corners of the developing communities in the world. The production processes do not involve mass-production or exploitative labour. With fair wages and sustainable encouragement these artisans await at the Edge of Ember( to compliment your femininity and grace.

Edge of Ember speaks to your guise, your moods and your unique impressions of fashion. The expert artisans of perfect flair seemingly pour their expertise into the artwork that is the impressive assemblage of products. The fine jewellery made of gold and rose gold of 18k with palladium and recycled brass, embedded with semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls will shine your frame to the iridescent, metallic luster that adorn your figure and accentuate the feminine grace. The ethereal fancy of the multi-color, polychromatic dream of Lapis Lazuli and other semi-precious stones will adorn your elegance. 

The Chevron Arrows Statement Ring with intricate artwork and innovative design, The Myla Arrows King that is the radiant openwork stacked ring, and the Kiri Studs Ring an openwork ring that is the perfect blend to adorn your fingers.

Trio Lapis and Marble Collar , the sleek collar necklaces studded with Lapis Lazuli and the flattering Lapis Lazuli and the Fraise Pearl Gold Choker embedded with freshwater pearls will entwined with your gorgeous neck to bring out the class in you with just a hint of sophistication!

For the simplistic and charming lover of light fashion and great design to wrap around yourself, Women's fashion jewellery suggests you the Trio Drape Collar Necklace in Jade & Marble.

Freshwater pearls are embedded in your favourite jewellery, where your dream will wear you! The smash-hit of the jewellery embedded with pearls that are the earrings and Collar necklaces are here to adorn gracefully. The Duo pearl Gold Cuff that is so elegant, the pearl earring collection that is so resplendent and oh-so-graceful Fraise Marble Collar are the fortes the deft artistes of the fashion.

Let the expert touch of Edge of Ember transform you to experience the fine artistic originality that compliments the real you!

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